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september tracklist

The above is 45 minutes of (rudimentarily mixed) music I spent the summer (and the past week) listening to. Some is old, most is new(er), and I may come back and add some specific thoughts about individual songs as the month goes along. The songs are all available via various popular streaming services (though not on any single service, because that, of course, would be far too straightforward), and the rest are still available, for legitimate use, on the internet, somewhere.

All of this will migrate somewhere else shortly, I imagine. [That would be here, now—Ed.] Until then, check back for other updates if boredom drives you to it. [So, same applies for here?—Me again]

  1. “Your Best American Girl” — Mitski — Puberty 2
  2. “Shut Up Kiss Me” — Angel Olsen — MY WOMAN
  3. “Old Friends” — Pinegrove — Cardinal
  4. “Houses on the Hill” — Whiskeytown — Strangers Almanac
  5. “Frank’s Track” — Kanye West — The Life of Pablo
  6. “Noise Above Our Heads” — James Blake — The Colour in Anything
  7. “33 ‘GOD’” — Bon Iver — 22, A Million
  8. “Weston Road Flows” — Drake — Views
  9. “Nights” — Frank Ocean — Blonde
  10. “ATLiens” — Outkast — ATLiens
  11. “War Ready” — Vince Staples — Prima Donna
  12. “Solo (Reprise)” — Frank Ocean — Blonde
  13. “Alabama” — Frank Ocean — Endless
  14. “FML” — Kanye West — The Life of Pablo
  15. “OUR WORLD” — Nico Jaar — OUR WORLD

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