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January 2018 pt 2. — “one thing”

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Part two this month was inspired by the track sitting at the end there, the siik blend/remix of Amerie’s “One Thing.” I got put onto that by Oliver Wang. Along with his work on Heat Rocks, he’s posting short pieces (the series is called “Single Servings”) on individual singles he likes in his old soul-sides podcast feed. So check that out. There’s an interview/explanation of why Amerie and Samaraui Champloo sound good together.

I also pulled some things from “Pleasure Principle” on NTS, along with some other shows I’ve been listening to. Oh, and things I used to have on a video iPod in 2007. That’s as good a recommendation and/or warning as you’ll get.

(that album art modifies some of siik’s stuff, he now makes video games)


1) “Twinz (Deep Cover 98) [feat. Fat Joe]” — Big Punisher — Capital Punishment
2) “Fade” — Kanye West — The Life of Pablo
3) “Tonight” — Mhysa — Fantasii
4) “Icy Grl” — Saweetie — Icy Grl – Single
5) “One, Two Step (feat. Missy Elliott)” — Ciara — Goodies
6) “Rubber Band Man” — T.I. — Trap Muzik
7) “Get Ur Freak On (LP Version)” — Missy Elliott — Miss E…So Addictive
8) “Señorita” — Justin Timberlake — Justified
9) “Gangsta Lean” — Clipse — Lord Willin’
10) “Back Like That” — Ghostface Killah — Fishscale
11) “Lighters Up” — Lil’ Kim — Naked Truth
12) “Alabame” — Nathy Perluso — Esmerelda
13) “Party Here” — Octavian — Party Here – Single
14) “Le code ft. Ichon, Bonnie Banane, Muddy Monk” — Myth Syzer
15) “one thing (siik remix)” — Amerie

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